Dec 27, 2011


Before I pulled all of my tomato plants out, I grabbed a handful of each variety I had growing in my garden.  They were still green and not close to ripe.  Being of a curious nature, I wanted to see what they would taste like if they were to ripen off of the vine.  Unfortunately, by the time the larger varieties ripened, they were wrinkled and aged.  However, the smaller grape tomatoes did just fine and tasted better than store bought tomatoes.  (Note: This is not a slam against store bought tomatoes.  They are fine.  If that's your only option.)  =)  So, if you have some green love apples on the vine when you pull your plants out, give them time to ripen at room temperature, and you will have a sweet surprise!

To all my readers, sorry for my lack of blogging of late.  With not much growing outside, I have been busy with holiday baking and activities.  I will update you all on my broccoli this week!