Jan 29, 2013


We interrupt your regularly scheduled gardening related post to talk about receipts.  Perhaps you, my darling smart readers, are already aware of this.  Quite frankly, I hadn't really given it a thought, but a discussion in my house this weekend came about as I was throwing away a receipt.  It went kind of like this:

Me: "Do you need this receipt?"
DH: "No."
Me: *crumples up receipt and throws away*
DH: "What are you doing?!?  Recycle!!!"
Me: "You can't recycle receipts.  It's not the right kind of paper. It's THERMAL, or something."
DH: "What?!  You're crazy.  Google it."
Me: "Oh Google, how did we ever solve disputes before you?"

Long story short, you can't recycle receipts, and I had somehow absorbed that knowledge, but I don't know why or from where.  The thermal (shiny, slick) paper has actually been shown to have BPA in them. Yes, the same BPA's we are constantly confused now on plastic materials.  :)

Did you guys know this???

Proof is in the pudding.  Or in this article. =)  What other green things have you found surprising?

Jan 28, 2013

Spring Fever

A friend of mine recently wrote in her own blog about having a case of spring fever. =)  Well, today, in Wichita, the temperature is supposed to reach 70 degrees... IN JANUARY!!!!

I, however, am longing for winter, I have not worn all of my favorite sweaters, still haven't used my new snow shovel I bought for LAST YEAR, or had nearly enough hot cocoa.  Oh, how I long for shovel-able snow.  (I realize this is weird. I'm from Texas, snow is still a novelty.)

I'm afraid that my dear friend has nature on her side, though, as my plants seem to be in agreement.  Here come the daffodils!

I also planted 50 grape hyacinth to go with the daffodils, and they are creeping up.  I'm a little afraid I'll lose some to the wacky temperatures we've been having, but we'll see.

I hope I get to see what I envisioned when I planted them last fall.  Meanwhile, all this warmth means just one other thing has gotten a head start this year...  THE WEEDS.  I refuse to pull weeds until at least March.  Gosh, Mother Nature, get it together, man.

I realize that last sentence made absolutely no sense.  But weeds make me CRAZY!!  There they go, taking over the neighborhood!  Happy Monday. =)

Jan 7, 2013

Only somewhat related to gardening...

A couple of days before the new year arrived, I decided to take a step back from facebook.  With wi-fi everywhere I go and an iPad, it had gotten to be quite a habit for me: wake up, check facebook, look at every single notification all day, anytime I was bored, before bed.  All of these few checks adding up to who knows how much productive time!!

One of my friends had, at one point, deleted her facebook account.  Now, I'm not going to go that far.  Facebook is, for me, a way to keep in touch with all the people I know from living all over.  I love seeing pictures of kiddos and knowing what's going on in my friends' lives, especially when I don't get to see them every day.  I have a very small list of people that I'm friends with on facebook, people that I am really friends with in real life.  I don't often just sit on facebook, definitely don't play games, etc. However, I started wondering what the benefit was for me to be constantly on facebook.

In other words, a little personal gardening needed to be done.  =)  I want to make sure that the friends that I love and value get the treatment they deserve.  A little bit of this is a re-ordering of my life too.  I've been known to give and give until that's the basis of my friendships, which is not fair to me.  I need to re-evaluate both what and who are important to me every great once in a while.

Since I've stepped back, I've sent more texts and e-mails to friends because I was thinking about them randomly.  I've picked up the phone to call my family more often.  I've also found that no one has noticed my absence from constantly checking facebook, or at least no one has commented on it.  =)  All the things I've learned from gardening relate to real life: patience, nurturing, tenderness, balance.  I know, like any good gardener, that I need to find my balance, and I trust that I will soon.


Jan 4, 2013


This is a somewhat circuitous story about the trees in my backyard.  You're welcome in advance for your daily laugh. =)

Since the trees close to the deck in the backyard have been removed, I'm almost certain I won't see Fluffy again.  He's made two appearances on this blog, which, as you know, makes him quite famous. You can read those posts here and here.

He, like me, liked those trees.  I'm almost certain they made him feel safe and stately while on his lofty perch.  I haven't seen him in quite some time, and perhaps he's just been busy hunting for his dinner, but...

I randomly yell, "Fluffy!!!" When I'm driving around town and see a red-tailed hawk.  So, if you see me randomly yelling while driving around town, you'll know why and won't think I'm a crazy person.  Well, I guess you might still think I'm a crazy person.  Happy Friday!