Jul 31, 2011

Put a stake in it!!

No, I'm not talking about vampires.  Although I could, just probably not on this blog. =)  Speaking of vampires, this ridiculous heat is sucking the life right out of my plants. 

I'm having an issue with my zucchini plant.  Looks okay, right?

However, any signs of fruit I have seen are withering away before they have a chance to develop.  From my research, it seems like my soil is too full of nitrogen.  Stupid nitrogen, or stupid heat, either way, no edible zucchini.

I have seen a cucumber...

However, it is misshapen.  I have no idea why, but I am also blaming the heat.  Finally, my green beans have burned up with little to no actual production.  I tried bush beans this year, so I think next year I'll give pole beans a shot.

Sad.  I am watering every other day, and some plants are doing okay.  Still no sign of beefsteak tomatoes.  I am hoping that when this heat cools off my plants will start producing like crazy.

My eggplant is starting to lean a little too much under the weight of the little beauty, so I decided to put a stake in it.  Don't worry, unlike vampires, the stake won't kill it.  You do have to be careful when inserting the stake; Make sure the plant doesn't move in order to make sure you aren't damaging the roots.

You can now see the dark green bamboo stake and that the plant is standing up straight a little better.  I used some plant clips to help keep it upright.

Hopefully soon I'll be up to my ears in produce! 

Jul 27, 2011


I thought I would share with you all a couple of blossom pics I recently took.  (If any of you watched the TV show in the early 90's, didn't you really want a best friend with a cool name like Six?  Anyway, I digress, as usual.)

Squash blossom's look like this:

They are orange-yellow in color, but the variety is green zucchini squash.  Here is an open one...

These lovelies are supposed to be edible too.  I've heard of battering and frying them, and really, what doesn't taste good fried?  (Hello, funnel cakes!)

Here's a picture of my tomato blossoms:

Tiny and yellow.  Again, I am baffled by the color.  I don't have an eggplant picture yet, but they do bloom in a light purple.  Finally, my tree has blossomed...

Into this lovely flower. 

 Bahahaha!  Just checking to see that you are all awake and have a pulse! 

Finally, for those of you who can't help yourself, or might need a little pick me up with a laugh at early 90's fashion, the Blossom opening theme music is here for your watching pleasure.

Jul 21, 2011

You win some, you know the rest...

As I have previously mentioned, my grape tomato plant is a producing machine!!  It's amazing to go out and see the tiny burst of red up against the lush green.

See what I mean?  =)  This has led to a small harvest and some tomatoes that are a day or two away from being ripe.  Let me tell you, nothing tastes as wonderful as home grown tomatoes.  If you are going to grow anything, grow a tomato plant!!

Then you might be as happy as me, snacking on fresh tomatoes!  I have other good garden news...  The 2nd eggplant I have is showing some tiny beginnings.

AND, I can now show you the world's tiniest melon!! 

It was so tiny that I couldn't get a really clear focus.  I hope you will forgive my poor photography skills.  But really, what choice do you have?  =) 

Now for the bad news... All my adorable dwarf Alberta spruce trees did not survive the heat.  It's really awful!

And sad... Awfully sad.  What can I say?  You win some, you lose some.  =/

Jul 20, 2011

Sweltering Squares

Square foot gardening is amazing.  You get to grow all kinds of plants in a very small space.  This, in turn, makes it easy to deal with sweltering heat.  You don't have to water a lot, and weeding those small squares doesn't take a lot of time.  Square foot gardening: Give it a try!  (Note: No one is paying me to say this, I have gone temporarily crazy in the heat.) 

For those interested, here is the other garden bed's progress!!

The Thai peppers are growing away.  We have picked some and used them to make salsa.  Any other ideas... Let me know!! 

The cauliflower has made a comeback after being plagued by pests.  Still no actual sign of cauliflower, but I am holding on to hope. =)  Check out my eggplant!

So cute. For your information, eggplant flowers in a light purple.  Which makes sense!  However, tomatoes flower in yellow and squash is an orangey yellow.  Can anyone explain that?  Speaking of tomatoes...

First sign of plum tomatoes!  Also...

The grape tomatoes are growing like crazy!  The beefsteak has yet to show signs of fruit, but I have seen some blooms.  Apparently, this is a common problem right now with all of the heat.

Look closely above, and you will see my baby cucumber!  So cute!!  In short, a wall of green is currently taking off and taking over the trellis.  Here are a few pics of the whole garden bed. 

It is so nice to see some progress for all of the work, sweat, and tears I have poured into the garden.  I hope my garden and I are able to survive the heat wave.  Stay cool!

Jul 14, 2011

Growing, Growing, Growing...

Good news... Everything survived!!!  I'm back in the Sunflower State, and the 2nd thing I did this morning was run out to check on my garden!

(Okay, really I walked slowly, since the 1st thing I did was work out.)

Since I've been gone, there has been a lot of progress!  I can't wait until it grows a little and I can eat some more good stuff!!  Wouldn't you like to see it for yourself?  I thought so.  =)



It's amazing what 2 weeks of growing time will do!  Check out my zucchini before my trip...

And after...

Here is a close-up of my zucchini:

And a final picture of what this garden bed now looks like:

It's a good thing I listened to my gardening book and left all of that space for the zucchini!  Pretty soon it will be taking up all 9 allotted squares.  I'll have pictures to update you on the other bed soon!  I'm so happy to be home.  =)

Jul 8, 2011

Dear Garden

Dear Garden,

It's only been a week, and I miss you already.  I wonder how you are growing without me to obsess over you daily.  Is that even possible?  My wonderful husband says in this short time you have already started to show some tiny zucchini.  You were just a glimmer in my eye a week ago!!  I can't wait to get home and look for myself.  I'm so sorry if you feel neglected.  I hope all of you plants are growing the best that you can.  You provide me with much needed sanity, even when you drive me crazy.  I promise to come home just as soon as I possibly can. Please don't die to get back at me for leaving you. 



Jul 5, 2011

Carrot Comments

Some thoughts on carrots that I had to share:

  • After losing most of my seedlings that I had poured blood, sweat, and tears into, I was left with one surviving transplant.  Already discouraging... yes.  Did I ever find the culprit... no.  My garden is still a fortress.
  • I decided to pull said transplant, because the fronds were huge, and it had been growing for a long time.  Plus I was excited to grow something else in that space.
  • Said transplant was SO DISAPPOINTING!!  It was so small, and not worth a picture.  That's why there isn't a picture.  =)
  • Plus it wasn't crisp in texture. Not worth eating.
  • Overall, I would recommend buying your carrots at the grocery store!! (Gasp!)  
Stupid said transplant carrot.  =)