Sep 12, 2011

Control Top Melon

Those of you who know me should know that I had a really hard time trying to keep the title from going towards my favorite guilty pleasure: middle school mentality.  I had such a hard time, in fact, that I had to mention it before I got down to the point of this post!  =)  I know, it's shocking.  I do sometimes have a point, and can sometimes (somewhat) contain myself.   


Did you know that what we call cantaloupes are actually muskmelons?  Real cantaloupes are only found in Europe, mostly in France.  Between the cantaloupes and the love apples, I am beginning to think France is the place for me.  (For an explanation of love apples, click here.

My melon has been living the life of luxury for a while.  However, when I went out today, I thought it looked and smelled ripe.  Oh, I wish all of you could smell that intoxicating scent.  So, I gently picked it out of it's pantyhose hammock, and wouldn't you know it... That melon wanted to come on inside with me!  (The melon slipping off the vine so easily is a sign that the melon was ripe.)

Oh, sweet, juicy, control top melon. =)  Although a bit on the small side, I am pretty excited to reap one more reward from all of my labor! 

Side note: Thanks to my sis for making me laugh about my "Control Top" Melon. 


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  2. Thank you once again for my regular gardening chuckle ;)