Aug 21, 2012

Under New Management

My garden has been taken over, by persons that shall not be named who have grand plans for said garden.  Honestly, my 2 small squares were enough to keep me busy, so I gave said person my garden when said grand plans were hatched.  Not much has produced this summer because of the heat and because frankly, I think my garden feels betrayed.  =) 

Honestly, I feel a little lost without it too.  This blog and that small patch of earth have provided a writing and creative outlet that I love.  So, dear friends and avid readers (Read: the 2 of you know who you are.): Help. What should become of this blog?  Is there anything else you'd like me to write about?  Or, should I let my small plot of land rest in peace? 


  1. Nooo, I'm learning so much from the gardenerd! It must continue, if even through the eyes/trials of said person. On the other hand, I would enjoy you writing about absolutely anything. Bottom line...just.keep.writing. :)

  2. Agreed! Write about work, life, running and the occasional Garden issue or success. My yard needs lots of help so you could also be the Dear Abby of gardening:). Please keep writing. Here!!

  3. Thanks, ladies! Love you both.