Dec 16, 2014

The lost and the listless

Something strange happened to me last year, and I'm not sure what.  I do feel like I'm just waking up from a weird dream.  Last year I pretty much stopped doing all the things I loved.  I didn't read a lot or write.  I didn't shoe shop (gasp) or enjoy basketball. (double gasp) I didn't run a single race and logged less than 10 miles for the whole year.

I think I took a vacation from being me.

I'm not sure where I got lost, or even what happened.  I'm working on figuring that out.  I'm even less sure that anyone noticed but me.  Although this is sad in it's own way, I think it is telling of my relationships and how much I keep to myself.  More self reflection needed here.

On the plus side, I'm starting to feel like me again.  I'm starting to feel like traveling and exploring and reading and writing.  I've been watching and enjoying basketball!  I recently fell in love, I mean hard core love here people, with a pair of shoes. (I bought them.)

Long story short, thanks for bearing with me, readers, as I use this gardening platform to fall in love with writing again.  :)


  1. 1st)Yay! so glad you're back!
    2nd) less than 10 miles, really????
    Finally, I know it's cliche, but we need years like that to remind us who we are and what our purpose is. It really does make the rest of life soooo much better.-at least until we find ourselves in another "growth period."

  2. Really. Less than 10 miles. :)