Jan 7, 2015

Gardening Off Season

I've spent some time thinking about the gardening off season.  What do gardeners do with the time when they can't really grow something?  (High of 10 today, folks, with a brutal windchill)

Just kidding, I really like the cold and snow.  Just not negative 13.  Mostly, during the off season, I dream and plan and look at seed catalogs.  Sometimes I am on the ball and start making newspaper pots, but let's be honest, I'm quite the procrastinator.  Once you've gardened for a year or two, you realize, as I have, that the best laid plans... =)

In truth, what I've found is that when I can't grow anything, I turn my attention to other interests.  Music is one of my great loves in life.  I was talking to my sister about it over Christmas break, and we both said how unusual it was for someone to really understand what music means to you when you REALLY love music.  Music is the soundtrack to my entire life.  I would prefer to always have some playing in the background, and if I'm with you during a song, I will most likely always think of you when I hear that song again.  Almost every important memory to me has a song.  It's a fatal flaw.  =)

I always have a new band I'm in love with and an old band I can't live without.  My current obsession, for your entertainment, is Leon Bridges.  He has two songs on this website that make me happy!  Take a listen, and tell me your thoughts!

In the meantime... Something is growing in my house.  More info to follow in your next Gardenerd installment.


  1. I couldn't get Leon's site to work but checked him out on YouTube. I love Coming Home but a couple others were pretty slow. Looking forward to checking out more. New artist discoveries are why I love the Guest DJ spots on iTunes radio. Looking forward to pics of what's growing!?!

  2. Yes, what is growing?! I was just thinking I need to grow something indoors right now and need some inspiration.