Nov 23, 2015

Yellowstone National Park ( Day 5!!!)

This morning I climbed into the historic tub, and remembered I picked this historic hotel for the charm and not the functionality.  =)  I made it out for my last day in Yellowstone, and managed to talk to my sister in the morning before I lost cell service.  I had saved the most iconic stop for last, mostly because some roads were closed within Yellowstone, and because of where I stayed.  I managed to beat most of the crowds to Old Faithful.  On the drive up, the steaming hills gave me quite a laugh, as I first thought I was viewing a forest fire and was a little alarmed.

You can see why I was confused, right?  Ha. My timing was wonderful, and I didn't have to wait long for Old Faithful, and I spent my time chatting up a delightful couple from Australia.  After watching the eruption, I hiked around the boardwalk geyser trails and took some of my favorite pictures of the natural landscapes of Yellowstone.  

It was a gloomy day, but I like cloud cover.

Isn't this gorgeous? 

I loved the small grouping of flowers right by the areas devoid of life from the sulphur. 
Hello, Castle Geyser.  Best viewed where there are no placards for it.  Up close you couldn't tell what it was! 

I had to cross too close to a bison again, about 20 feet away on my walk back to the main parking lot to get to Black Sand Basin.  Sorry, Bison, I have a date with a park ranger.  Luckily he was too busy eating a snack to pay a bit of attention to me, although I watched him warily as I walked by.  I joined another great Ranger-led program and I had the crazy idea to ask the Ranger if she would take a selfie with me.  What was I thinking, I hate selfies!!! But it was fun, nonetheless. 

The weather on this day was spotty at best.  I went to see the Artist Paint Pots, and left my rain jacket in the car.  Of course it started to pour.  I stood in the shelter of a tree for a while, but then shrugged and happily walked to the car.  After all, what's a little rain? 

Another selfie!! Ack! 

My shift in attitude allowed me to have a great rain-filled day from that point on.  I went on to Mammoth and tried to see what I could before I lost all the daylight.  I took so many pictures, but here are a few more of my favorites from this day: 

The paint pots! 

I love how this felt like I was on another planet. =) 

And then, as I was tired and hungry, (Not to mention soaked!) I decided to head to my hotel to call it an early night.  I had to drive about 2 hours to get to my next stop, and it was already getting dark.  A quiet night in sounded delightful.  Let me tell you, the joke was on me! My stop for the night was in Three Forks, Montana at The Sacajawea. (Shoutout again to you, Jess, for the awesome hotel recommendation.)  I arrived feeling gross and sweaty and a little moldy. (Ha!)  I walked in the gorgeous lobby, and was offered a hot, lavender scented towel.  

Immediately after I was checked in, I was offered complimentary champagne, and was told that complimentary breakfast in bed was also included and just to hang my card outside the door by 11.  Uh.  What alternate universe did I enter??  Still feeling a bit shell shocked, I told the lovely front desk attendant that what I wanted more than anything was a shower and dinner.  She told me to come back for my champagne, anytime.  What the what.  I made my way down a short hallway to my room, and was left even more in awe by what was inside.

Classical music was playing softly.  Water was on the nightstand, as well as earplugs, calming mist for the linens, and the bathroom, while staying true to it's historic roots, was sublime.
They had: Thick, plush towels and bathrobes, Bath products I actually wanted to use, and overall, just a sense of calm and quiet.  Anything I might've forgotten, they had covered.  This place was heaven.  I ate my dinner, took a long, hot shower in that clawfoot tub, and then felt like a new woman.  On booking, I remembered there was going to be live music on this evening.  I went out to the front desk, asked where the live music was, enjoyed my free champagne in the gorgeous lobby, and then went down to listen to a cover band and drink Montana beer with the locals.  The music was great, as was the beer and company, and I may have even been convinced to line dance.  ;)  I went to sleep around 1 am, with a huge smile on my face, and looking forward to the breakfast delivery in the morning.

I realize at this rate, I'll be finished blogging about my trip in time for next summer's adventure.  Hahaha, thanks for hanging in there with me! 

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  1. I'm never passing Three Forks again without stopping here for the night!-unless cheese fries lure me west. ;)