Jun 12, 2011

In this Corn-ah

Surprisingly, this post has nothing to do with corn.  Absolutely, nothing.  So sue me.  =)  But really, don't.  I just had major surgery, you know?  =)  There has been a conclusive winner in the battle of the tomato plants, and I had to share my results.  For some reason, when I think of a battle, I hear that voice saying...

"In this cornah... ah.. ah...  All the way from the beginning of plant domestication...tion...tion... The heavyweight title holder: Growing tomatoes in your garden like a regular person!  

And in this cornah... ah... ah... the upstart unknown, weighing in at 1 pound... ound... ound.. The Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter." 

Probably, I just watched Rocky too many times.  Who doesn't love "The Eye of the Tiger?"  Really, if you don't, you have to tell me.  I digress, again.

If you have read my previous post,(and I am assuming that you guys wait on pins and needles for me to post about my ridiculous lack of gardening knowledge) you will know that I lost a seedling early on to the TT.  However, I had high hopes for my new, improved, stronger seedling. This is how it fared.

Even though I had a couple of weeks of confused growth from the tomato plant, in the end the Kansas wind or the design of the TT planter killed two seedlings.  Meanwhile, the plant in my garden...

Is already starting to bear fruit!  I should have some grape tomatoes very soon.  The TT planter has been thrown away.  (I'm glad I only paid $0.99 for it.)  Have any of you had any success with the TT planter?  Please share your success or failure in the comments! 


  1. As usual, thank you for the laughs!! and you know where to send your bumper crop :).

  2. Disregard the previous comment, I am busy being technologically impaired.

    I think I mentioned this before, but the TT and the TTS did NOT get along. Glad I'm not the only one ;) Oh, and thanks to you I will now be singing Eye of the Tiger all night long!