Aug 21, 2011

In the Ghetto

Things are progressing, albeit slowly in my little garden.  My living wall of green has taken over the PVC trellis my wonderful husband built.  Now, I must admit to you all that when it came to building my trellis, I showed my WH the design I wanted, and let him take over.  I know he often enjoys projects, and I was recovering from surgery, so he took the idea and ran with it.  =)  You can see the original post here.   And the trellis has worked well, up to this point.

My how things have changed.  Now, the poor trellis has taken to leaning a little under the weight of all the plants.  There are 2 cucumbers, 3 tomatoes, and one melon all reaching for space on this trellis. So, I thought it was normal.

See the melon vine reaching for space?  Well, I asked my husband to loop it around so it could climb back down.  And he looked at the trellis and said, "Hmm...  the book said not to use PVC, and now I can see why."  Then my WH decided to "fix" the problem.  Here is his cough*ghetto solution.

It's kind of hard to see, but my trellis is now staked with twine and pavers.  Someone, please help me.

"People don't you understand, this child needs a helping hand... In the Ghetto." =)


  1. Oh my! This makes me laugh! You guys are so cool. :)

  2. Baahahahahahahaha! This garden is going to take over your entire backyard soon, if you aren't careful ;)