Aug 11, 2011

Not-so-big ones

I have the TV on right now, and Regis and Kelly are talking about produce.  Kelly is saying that the show's producer was talking about his big zucchini, and that they have never seen his big zucchini.  I'm sorry, I can't continue.  I'm laughing too hard.  (Growing in New York, I think it must be partly a radioactive zucchini or something.)  =)

I have talked to a lot of people around here who have a garden or know someone who does...  The lack of rain and blistering temps, which are unusual for Kansas, have made everyone suffer.  Most of all, the plants!  =)  Some people have given up the good fight.  Others, like me, have a well-established garden that just isn't producing much.  We are all wishing and hoping that cooler temps will bring more produce. Wishing and hoping and thinking and praying....

This picture is taken from my bedroom window, because the rain arrived!!   Along with the rain, the mosquitoes arrived (they LOVE me and I am trying not to scratch right now), and cooler temps are just around the corner.  What a tough year to start my first garden! There were a few surprises out in my garden, and while they do not include a giant zucchini, I'm pretty happy with what I have!

Time for a salad, I think! 

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