Nov 28, 2011

Covering up

With a low last night of 21, I knew it was time to cover my broccoli.  It is growing away nicely, and I don't want frozen broccoli before I have any actual edible broccoli.  So, it's time for the sun box to make another appearance.

First, I had to move one plant so that it would be covered by my box.  What can I say, you have seen by now that planning is not my forte.  =) Once that little darling was moved, I took a few simple steps to extend my growing season.

Step one: grab all the wooden frames and used window.  You can see my original post on the sun box here.  Below is a close up of the simple frame bracket.

Step two: Stack 'em up.

Step three: Roll 'em out.  This year I decided to line two of the sides with foil to increase the light.  I might accidentally cook the broccoli, but you never know until you try!

Voila! Mini-greenhouse, aka sun box, is now protecting my plants and extending my growing season.  =)

 You can see some heat/condensation already building up.  Stay warm, broccoli!

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