Jan 2, 2012

Still Waiting

Yes, I am still waiting for my tender edibles (broccoli) to make an appearance.  I was a little scared that my broccoli wouldn't survive, as I was out of town for an extended amount of time.  However, I found to my surprise that one additional benefit of having the broccoli in the sun box is that is requires less water.  With all of the mild temperatures, I might have a chance of seeing broccoli before the freezing cold  of winter sets in. 

Don't tell anyone, but I am ready for snow!!  People around here think I am a freak.  However, when you don't grow up with it, it is still a fun novelty.  I even like to shovel.  Shhhh! 

What was I talking about again? =)  Oh, yes, broccoli. 

It has gotten taller and leafier and I know the day will come soon when I can eat broccoli and complain to myself that I should have planted more.   =)  Stay tuned!


  1. I know your broccoli is on its way:), and by-the-way, that freezing sleety mess you get in KS is not snow! Come visit and I'll show you the real stuff!

  2. I have no comments on broccoli, blek. However, I am happy I am friends with other snow-loving chicas :)