Jan 22, 2012

"Sometimes when you lose...

You really win."  Okay, so I probably watched White Men Can't Jump too many times when I was younger.  What can I say, the basketball obsession started at a young age.  =)  However, this quote stuck with me for one reason or another.  There is actually a whole dialogue that I can quote, but I won't do that here.  The point of this post (I know, I know get to the point!) is that you can actually win by losing.  Sometimes.

I was going to extol the benefits of growing your own herbs indoors in the winter.  It doesn't require much but a window that faces South, and some water.  Unfortunately, due to the craziness of life, I kind of forgot that second part.

I did have some beautiful Italian Oregano and Thyme here that I painstakingly transplanted and nurtured for the last year and a half.  Seems like a loss, no?  NO!! The fantastic thing about inadvertently killing my herbs is that I can now strip the plants to have dried herbs.  (Yes, they are THAT dead.)  The other benefit is that I can head to my local nursery and see what they have growing, while I pick out new herbs to try not to kill.  =)  Somedays I wonder why anyone would follow my gardening advice.

Okay, most days.  =)


  1. This is shocking Miss Green Thumb! Really, I'm just glad I'm not the only well-intentioned one who has neglected poor, defenseless plants :)

  2. There are herb seeds hiding all over in my kitchen. Let me know if you want the key:). I killed herbs last year and I didn't work! Let us know what you plant next:).