Jan 29, 2013


We interrupt your regularly scheduled gardening related post to talk about receipts.  Perhaps you, my darling smart readers, are already aware of this.  Quite frankly, I hadn't really given it a thought, but a discussion in my house this weekend came about as I was throwing away a receipt.  It went kind of like this:

Me: "Do you need this receipt?"
DH: "No."
Me: *crumples up receipt and throws away*
DH: "What are you doing?!?  Recycle!!!"
Me: "You can't recycle receipts.  It's not the right kind of paper. It's THERMAL, or something."
DH: "What?!  You're crazy.  Google it."
Me: "Oh Google, how did we ever solve disputes before you?"

Long story short, you can't recycle receipts, and I had somehow absorbed that knowledge, but I don't know why or from where.  The thermal (shiny, slick) paper has actually been shown to have BPA in them. Yes, the same BPA's we are constantly confused now on plastic materials.  :)

Did you guys know this???

Proof is in the pudding.  Or in this article. =)  What other green things have you found surprising?


  1. I had NO idea! I have been recycling them for years :(

  2. Well, crap, I have been doing it for years as well. Can you recycle egg cartons? ...since they are already recycled material? Is that a stupid question? My mother-in-law tried to convince me of that one, so I kind of want her to be wrong. ;)