Jan 28, 2013

Spring Fever

A friend of mine recently wrote in her own blog about having a case of spring fever. =)  Well, today, in Wichita, the temperature is supposed to reach 70 degrees... IN JANUARY!!!!

I, however, am longing for winter, I have not worn all of my favorite sweaters, still haven't used my new snow shovel I bought for LAST YEAR, or had nearly enough hot cocoa.  Oh, how I long for shovel-able snow.  (I realize this is weird. I'm from Texas, snow is still a novelty.)

I'm afraid that my dear friend has nature on her side, though, as my plants seem to be in agreement.  Here come the daffodils!

I also planted 50 grape hyacinth to go with the daffodils, and they are creeping up.  I'm a little afraid I'll lose some to the wacky temperatures we've been having, but we'll see.

I hope I get to see what I envisioned when I planted them last fall.  Meanwhile, all this warmth means just one other thing has gotten a head start this year...  THE WEEDS.  I refuse to pull weeds until at least March.  Gosh, Mother Nature, get it together, man.

I realize that last sentence made absolutely no sense.  But weeds make me CRAZY!!  There they go, taking over the neighborhood!  Happy Monday. =)