Apr 1, 2013


I am a big fan of bulbs.  You plant them in the fall, do nothing all winter long, and come early spring... Ta da!  Color to soothe your soul.  The grape hyacinth I planted next to my daffodils have started to peek up. I apologize in advance, I went a little picture crazy. 

They are so tiny! These bulbs only reach a height of 6-8 inches, but they are so very small and delicate right now. =)

See the very tiny one above?

I adore grape hyacinth. They remind me somewhat of bluebonnets that I grew up with in Texas.  Except they smell divine.

I swear this daffodil is looking down at the hyacinth, just saying hello.

I can hardly wait for the blues and yellows to intermingle.  Plant some bulbs next fall! You won't regret it! =)


  1. If five photos equals 'picture crazy' to you, I must be a certified picture WACKO! ;)

    Looks very Spring-y and colorful - love it!