Apr 9, 2013

Waiting for a Sign

Every year I await the last frost to plant my garden.  With the chill of winter still in the air, I eagerly look for signs of spring.  This year the wait has been a little longer than the past two years.  However, I realized the other day that I have my own very reliable sign.

My neighborhood is named for Bradford pear trees.  Right now, the entire community is a welcome sign that spring, real, actual spring, is just around the corner.  The trees seem to bloom when the last of the cold weather is almost gone.  In the picture above, taken about a week ago, the buds are tightly closed.

 They patiently wait for their moment to arrive. Waiting...

For this exact moment. =)  Spring, to me, is another name for hope. It makes me hope for a renewed strength of soil and also reawakens my appreciation of finding beauty in nature. Happy Spring!

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