Sep 23, 2013

The Curious Case of the Benadryl Itch Stick

First, I have to say: Mosquitos love me.  I mean they really love me.  If there is one in a mile radius of me, it finds me.

And then it bites me.

And then I swell up and itch.

And then I reach for the Benadryl Itch Stick.  (And that thing works, man, with none of the drowsiness of Benadryl.)

Here's the latest problem I had, though, just as a cautionary tale to you folks.  I was outside on the deck with a friend late one night, and I got about 5 bites, even though I was covered in mosquito repellent, and even though it was close to midnight.  The next day I was outside, in broad daylight, and managed to get 11 bites.  (I hate mosquitos) So, I was very itchy.  I grabbed the itch stick and applied it liberally to all bites.  Itches be gone, I have no time for regular Benadryl and the mandatory nap that ensues!

Then suddenly, I felt so sleepy... *insert snoring here.  After a 2 hour nap, where I slept like the dead, I realized I may have had too many bites for the benadryl itch stick to handle without making me drowsy.  Whoops.

Now you  might be wondering why I am telling you this story.  Or you might have found it mildly humorous like I did.

Aside: (Luckily I didn't have to be anywhere.  It was Labor Day weekend, and I had told a friend I would be sitting by the pool, after said friend had said his weekend consisted of working.  I do believe I got what was coming to me.)

The point is, folks, for the next two days, I could not set foot outside.  One more bite would have pushed me over the edge.  But, luckily, I another project to take on indoors.  I had failed to water some soybeans in the garden, so I had some seeds to save!
Don't they look so sad?  I failed them miserably.  One of the great things about some failures, though is that they turn into small successes: I'll have seeds for next year! =)  So, I took the trouble of opening up all the dried seed pods.

Like so!  Soybeans for everyone!!!  (If I can just remember to water.) =)  Happy Monday, everyone!


  1. You know I feel your pain but od-ing on Benadryl stick is a new one, even for me. :)

  2. I was not aware of the Itch Stick before now, so thank you for that tidbit. Doesn't surprise me one bit those mosquitoes love you ARE sweet. Just ask my 4 year old that names everything after you. :)