Mar 28, 2011

Ready...Spring... Break!

I arrived home yesterday from the Tour of Texas to find that Spring arrived while I was away... Kind of.  With Kansas, you can't really tell.  Snowflakes were falling, so I raced to cover my broccoli before it became frozen broccoli.  (Thanks, sis.) Although it was jarring to move from 80 degrees in Texas to snow when I arrived home, I found some evidence that Mother Nature had been working while I was away.

The pear tree that I have been waiting to see in bloom since we bought the house made a sneaky Spring attack while we were gone.  It is really beautiful.
The tulips that I didn't know were there have also made an appearance. No blooms, yet!  This is the fun part of having a new house.  You never know what the people before you planted!

The daffodils I planted last fall have also started to push their way up.  (Flash back to last fall:  My husband says, "You're planting something that won't bloom until next year?  What's the point?")  I was a little worried about these, because I cheated when gardening them.  What's that?!?  You didn't know you could cheat at gardening?  =)  All I did was dig 3 inches down, and covered with 3 inches of mulched leaves, instead of digging 6 inches down as recommended.  What can I say, I am a rebel.
Finally, even the bush I hate out front will have it's 15 minutes of beauty.  This is the not fun part about having a new house.  You never know what the people before you planted.  =)  I love spring! 

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  1. Such a beautiful tree! And we will have to come visit soon to see the tulips - they are my FAVE :)