Mar 29, 2011

Seed-starting shelf

I got new gloves!  They are awesome, and not just because my old pair had a blow-out.    Leather palms and stretchy backs and slim fit.  I can't wait to actually work in the garden!  In the meantime, I am getting ready to start seeds indoors.  I am tired of waiting on this unpredictable Kansas weather, and I am going to take control! Ha!  At least I am trying to think about taking control.

First things first, supplies!  We stopped by our local Menards, and picked up a few necessities.  A shelf and shop light were on our list.  You might also want to pick up some 40 Watt bulbs for the shop light.
Don't worry about getting anything too fancy.  I picked a deeper shelf, but have other things to put on that shelf.  Also, the shop light is 48" long and the shelf is only 36" long.  I am prepared to deal with that, because the longer shelf was MUCH more expensive.  If you aren't cheap and ghetto like me, you could get a smaller shop light and/or longer shelf.
Yeah, sure, assembles in 2 minutes.  Many, many minutes later, the shelf was assembled, with some help from my wonderful husband.  What can I say, I have girly chicken arms that aren't built for strength.  Then we decided to put it in an empty space in the unfinished part of our basement.
Then my husband noticed it would be right in front of the plumbing.  Probably not the smartest idea... So we moved the shelf... A couple of times.  And by "we" I don't mean me. =)
Finally, the shelf was in it's final resting place.  (Pay no attention to our emergency stockpile of water and food.  My husband likes to be prepared.)  Then, using some twine, the light was attached to the shelf like so...
It can now be raised and lowered, depending on the plant height.  In the meantime, I broke out the seed starting tray I was forced to buy before Menards came to town and had a plastic tray like I wanted.  Bitter, party of one?  Your table is now ready. 
I followed the handy-dandy directions on said greenhouse, and now have spots all ready for my seeds to start growing! 
Now for the hard part.... Planning how many seeds and plants I will actually need in my garden.  So, I will be planning and drawing and erasing, and cursing seed packets for a while.  But, if I lose inspiration, I can sit back, and admire my new seed starting shelf!
Happy Planting!

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  1. I am throughly impressed by your organization. Plus, I am learning SO much for when I might actually start my own know, years from now :/