Oct 27, 2011

First Frost

I knew it was coming, and decided to do nothing to stop it.  I thought about rushing out after work to cover my poor little plants up.  However, you guys know what a brutal summer it has been.  Frankly, at this point in the year, I am ready to baby my broccoli when it gets really cold, but am not ready to prolong the growing season of anything else.  Here is what I found when I made it out to my garden the next day. Warning: If you are opposed to seeing a mess, avert your eyes.

My eggplant, which is a heat-lover, is wilted and dead.

My jalapeno, another fan of summer heat, froze to death.

Finally, my tomatoes.  They were just starting to show signs of life again with the cool down, but you can see the frost damage in the first picture.  Basically, my garden was a big mess of things that I needed to pull.  I am in the midst of cleaning it all up and preparing to put the beds to sleep for the winter. 

Yes, dear readers, this means my posting frequency will soon be down to nothing as I will have nothing growing and changing in my little garden.  This isn't my last post of the year, but I want to thank you all for your support this past year.  I've had so much fun writing my little blog and learning and growing right alongside my garden. 


  1. Won't you be growing inside?? Maybe you could test different seeds/planting techniques for an indoor garden to keep us all entertained ??

  2. Ah, Jess! I have thought about growing lettuce. Other than that, I just have herbs. I'll see what I can come up with to keep you entertained over the winter. :)