Oct 16, 2011

On a Soapbox

There are a lot of reasons that I started my garden.  I am a huge nerd and love to learn about anything, hence the title of this blog.  I also love that I know absolutely no pesticides have been used at any stage in my garden.  I enjoy walking out into my backyard and watching mother nature shape and destroy my clueless plans.  =)  I also really like making people laugh, and I think so far this year I have succeeded in that last one! 

This garden also came about because of things I know and believe.  There are so many humans on this earth, and I know that we cannot continue on the path we are on and expect to be able to feed everyone and still have a place to call home.  My opinions are echoed in this article.

If you have time to read it, you will see that a THIRD or more of greenhouse gases come from the way we currently farm.  It also says that we will need to DOUBLE our food supply in 40 years to feed everyone.  

So, if you are thinking about starting a garden, I urge you to give it a try.  I hope I have shown you all that any idiot with a little bit of time and water can successfully grow SOMETHING worthwhile.  It's a great time to prepare and build your garden beds so that next spring you can plant right away and enjoy the fruits (or vegetables) of your labor.

I am stepping off my hippie soapbox now.  =) 


  1. Amen, sista! You have got me on the garden train, as soon as we settle down and have a climate that will cooperate :)

  2. My first thought was also, "amen Sister!" I was thinking the other day about what if a main stream restaurant had meatless mondays? I just feel like so many parts of the country will never take notice or are just ignorant to the problem. You have inspired many-keep it up!