Oct 24, 2011

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Thank you Eric Carle.  =)  This weekend I was doing a little garden clean up when I found a HUGE caterpillar eating some of my green tomatoes. Note: I forgot to put something in the photo for scale, but you can kind of use the bricks as a guide.

He has pretty good camouflage, can you see him?  Yup, the little sucker is enjoying my tomatoes.  Normally I would freak out and start searching online to see what I need to do to get rid of yet another pest.  However, being the end of the season, I was more intrigued than plagued.

For those of you who are curious, I found out it is a tomato hornworm.  Ahem.  Any jokes are entirely too obvious.  =)  If you are really nerdy like me, you can find more information here.

He really blends right in.  I'm not even sure how I saw him!  I think it's safe to say my small garden is on the insect rest stop map, and am curious to see what surprises (Read: problems) next year will bring.


  1. I just literally got the shivers! Now, THIS is why I don't garden ;)