Feb 7, 2012

Super Broccoli Bowl

Does anyone else half-sing when you say "Super Broccoli?"  And maybe put your arms out? Oh. Me either.

Confession: In addition to a plant addiction, I have a food problem.  I always make too much.  I cannot help myself.  If you don't believe me, invite yourself over for dinner sometime.  =) So, although I didn't have anyone over for Super Bowl Sunday, here is part of what I made: Blackberry-Strawberry Brie Tarts and PW's black-eyed pea dip. (Try the dip!!!  It will change your world.)

Yes, part. I also made some sriracha-soy-sesame-oil-glazed drumsticks.  (Yeah, that's the best name I could come up with.)  I really thought I overdid it, until I read a certain friend's blog.  She put me to shame.  =)  So, what does this have to do with gardening?  I'm sure by the title you can guess: That broccoli came from my garden! 

I know I have said it before, but fresh broccoli tastes so different than what you get at the store.  It is juicy and tender and crisp and delightful.  Also, once you harvest the main stalk, it continues to produce small side shoots.  Delicious! And nutritious!

I realize this post is a little more food focused than garden focused.  By now, dear readers, you should know that this gardening thing partly came about because of my love for food. =)Thanks for humoring me.

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  1. Hey, you talkin' about me, chica?! Haha. Well, your food sounds much more exotic and healthy than mine, so you win ;)

    Btw, my dislike for broccoli is pretty intense, so I am intrigued by your claims of the home-grown kind being more tasty.