Feb 4, 2013

The plants, they are a changin'

I know you won't believe it, readers, but the front plants that I hate are slowly being removed.  The rose bush is gone, the purple sand cherry is a distant memory, and only a few evergreens are left!  They could probably all be gone right now, but I'm holding on to a few until spring when I can plant...

An edible (small) front garden!!!

I'm in the process now of picking plants, and have come across a few useful websites.  The name of this one cracks me up: http://www.dogislandfarm.com/2012/03/the-edible-front-yard-without-pissing-off-your-neighbors-or-your-city.html

Although there are currently a few things up in the air, I'm continuing on with planning, because I need something to look forward to, garden wise.  =)  I've decided on blueberries for sure, because they provide 3 season color in addition to berries.

I'm still exploring chamomile as an option and perhaps even more of that royal herb, basil.  I want everything in that front space to not only be beautiful, but useful.  For all the water we use on lawns, there is really not much use to be had by the green stuff, so I refuse to put more grass in this small front plot.

What would you put in your edible front garden?  Any ideas will be considered!


  1. Wow! You made me SO momentarily inspired but I fear the squirrels here would eat anything I could plant. That blog link is super helpful. I think as long as you vary heights a bit you could make anything look great AND be fruitful. For example, rhubarb would be great to draw the eye up and to take up space and how about some ground cover strawberries alongside? Pie anyone?

  2. My edible front plot in the panhandle of Texas now consists of a pear tree, peach tree, satsuma (mandarin orange) tree, 2 blueberry bushes, and strawberries. The plans are to add more woodchips, garlic, and a paw paw tree.