Feb 6, 2013


What does a Gardenerd dream about?  It's quite simple really.  See this corner of my backyard here?

It's against the back of the house and is nicely shaded for most of the day.  There's this weird concrete half wall there.  It's right by the water hose.

All I can think about is putting a little potting bench here.  It's the perfect location!  Just something simple like...

They have a slew of beautiful ideas here... I would take any almost any one of them home with me.
Or better yet, look at this little beauty...

Why am I partial to the second??  Think on it... Wait for it... Bueller... Bueller?

Did you guess? It's the mosaic top!  Every time I see a wooden potting bench I think of the work it would take to refinish that top, or keep it in good shape, should I leave it outside like I would want to.  Also, the drawers and/or a cabinet would be great for storing things that you might not want out in the elements.  Now picture that little beauty in this corner:

Simple dreams for a simple Gardenerd. =)


  1. That would be the perfect spot for a darling little bench. Put that hubs to work. :) Btw, I like the Mother Earth News icon!

  2. Yeah, I'm thinking you should hit up that place up north with the annoying commercials....jabara's, that's it! Get some cabinets as a base and have Brian build the rest and you can customize it just how you like. :) Or ask for the pottery barn one for Easter :)

  3. We can make one together this summer. Can you wait? Would an L shaped one be too much? Sink on one side,mosaic counter on the another side???

    1. My carpentry skills are better than my English. Sidemosaic = side mosaic; Another = other