May 22, 2011

Bye Bye Broccoli

Well, it was definitely time for my plants to get growing out in the garden.  They had been hardened off, and were ready for outside conditions.
This meant one thing.  Time to say bye bye to the broccoli! 
Bye bye! 
The garden looks so different already.  I also had to prep the other bed, which to this point didn't have any plants.
You should be able to see that I am marking off sections.  I have read and loved the common sense behind the Square Foot Gardening book, so I am growing something different in each square foot.  It sounds just crazy enough to work! 
Welcome home little plants, I hope you will be very happy here!  Excuse me while I disturb your roots and plant you. 
Here I transplanted some marigolds, thyme, oregano, and also planted some corn from seed.
In the other bed, I now have green beans, grape tomatoes, cucumber, parsley, and a Thai pepper plant. (Thanks, Jess!)  The craziest thing to me, while transplanting, was that the cucumber roots smelled just like a cucumber.  Maybe it's not so crazy, but it was weird when transplanting to get a whiff of a vegetable I haven't tasted yet!

Also, for those of you that are curious, I have rigged bird netting over the fencing.  It now takes a good while to get in and out of the garden, but no one has (yet) infiltrated the Fortress d' Angela. =) 

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