May 5, 2011

It's my garden, and I'll cry if I want to

Not so long ago, in a galaxy not so far away, I transplanted all of my little seedlings into Newspaper Pots.  I only had enough newspaper for most of the plants, and so I decided to put some that were more cold hardy directly out into the garden.  Here is a picture of my indoor seedlings, growing up so fast! 
It looks like a jungle!  =)  Here are some close ups, so you can see what the plants are growing.  Tomatoes,  cucumbers and green beans!
Cauliflower and marigolds!
Check out the basil, yum!  I can't wait for it to grow up a little more!
Now, as Paul Harvey used to say... "The rest of the story."  I painstakingly transplanted 18 carrots into the garden.  They were so happy with their new home.  Don't ask how I know, but I just know it.  =)  I wiped the dirt off of my hands, (I almost always forget to put on my gloves at critical moments.) closed the fencing, and called it a day.

Two days later, I went out to water and check on my transplants.

Don't they look great?  What's that?  You can't see them.  Well, I .... Um....
Okay, who's the joker?  Anyone?

This isn't a joke??

Where are my carrots?  I grew those from seed!!!  I nurtured them, I cared for them, I LOVED those carrots!  Wah!  Two different varieties, gone in the blink of an eye.  Despite my fencing, something jumped over, or squeezed through, or teleported around and ate all of my carrot fronds!!

Now I need netting to put over my fencing.  And a 24 hour security guard.  And shooting lessons, why didn't I sign up for shooting lessons?  I am ready for a greenhouse.  This day was also the day I found out my tomato seedling had been lost to wind in the TT planter.  (Please see previous post, as this is too painful for me to mention.) 

In the meantime, all of the plants that I have hardened off can't go out in the garden, until I figure out what pest is making my life miserable.

If anyone wants to come forward with information on this crime, your identity will be protected.

Unless you are a rabbit.


  1. OH NO! I am so sorry about your carrots, but I do have to say you went a little Elmer Fudd on us there. I was expecting a "wascally wabbit"
    I hope you get your garden protected - it sounds awful to put in all that work for naught.

  2. Terrible! Put Brian on guard ;)