May 9, 2011

Off with their heads!

The broccoli looked so weird with the main stalks cut down. It seems like a crime against nature or something.
However, it did continue to produce some side shoots.
Although the broccoli tasted great, I'm not sure I will grow it next year.  I envisioned a lot more broccoli per plant, and have to say it wasn't enough for two people.  Perhaps I will just grow more broccoli, but I don't think (right now) it's worth the effort.  Who knows, next spring, I might have such spring fever that I won't be able to help myself.  =)

Here are my transplants, in the process of hardening off, and waiting to go into the garden.

Some of the green beans seemed to be plagued with a pest.  I did some online research, and it looked like a leaf miner.  I wrote to my favorite, all-natural gardening guru, whose website I used to peruse daily.  His response to me..."Never heard of such a thing; beans are direct-seeded plants. Just plant new ones directly outdoors when all threat of frost is gone; use pea and bean innoculant." 

Listen, buddy.  Nasturtium is also supposed to be transplant resistant, and guess what?  I have a seed I grew and TRANSPLANTED!!  And it will knock your socks off!!!  

I hate it when you are let down by someone you look up to.  He didn't answer my question about the pest, so I decided to cut some of the leaves off.  I hope they survive.  

If not, I know I can just plant new ones blah, blah, blah.  

Bitter, party of one?  Your table is now ready.

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