May 4, 2011

Miscellaneous Meanderings

I was going to show you all how to make a topsy turvey planter for your tomatoes....  But then Menard's had an amazing sale, and I bought one for $0.99!!!  You can't beat that with a stick!  :-)  So, maybe next year, sorry readers.  In the meantime, I am conducting another experiment, because I am curious to see which of my tomato plants will grow the best, the garden grown or TT transplant. 

My husband convinced me to put one of my seedlings in the TT planter, even though I knew that it was far too small.  That plant lasted about 1 week in the Kansas wind - Typical.  So, I ended up buying a plant to replace my seedling.  I found a place in the yard for my planter, added some crushed eggshells and topsoil, and here it is!
These things are so ugly.  If this works, I might just have a bunch of them, all over my yard next year!  Forget the garden and all the hard work!  It's easy street for me! =)   Right now, I think the poor plant is confused.  I imagine I would feel the same if I was uprooted (ha!) and turned upside down.  The tomato plant is reaching around the planter in a disturbing way.
Which way do I grow?  Which way do I grow?  

We also bought some dwarf spruce trees to put in pots on our deck.  So far we have only transplanted one, but it looks so cute!
Don't you think?  The plan is to (eventually) put twinkle lights on these to give a little ambiance to our backyard.  It will also be nice to look out in the winter and see something that makes me smile in the no-grow season. 

Finally, while meandering around the backyard, I found some surprises!  We had to cut down two trees: A dead tree and live one that were too close to the deck when we bought the house.  Mushrooms grow and work to break down the dead root system.   Here are the interesting formations they are growing in.  
Kind of gross and kind of cool.  =)


  1. You are already having more luck with the TT than I had last year. Oh, and twinkly dwarves are a great idea!

  2. I Love your little spruce, and I'm gonna love the salad you make me with those tomatoes even more!! I do feel a little sad for the poor confused thing.