Apr 21, 2011

Confessions of a plant-o-holic

Hello, my name is Angela, and I'm a plant-o-holic. 

Hi Angela!

Today I stopped by my local nursery to get potting soil, refused to pay the price for the organic mix, and then came home with two more plants, and NO POTTING SOIL.  (Italian oregano and a grape tomato plant)  I can't seem to stop my gardening addiction.  Can anyone help?

My seedlings are really growing well.  Sometime this weekend I need to get more potting soil, make more newspaper pots, and transplant.  I wish the weather would cooperate so that I could plant some of these things outdoors, but again, I live in Kansas!  Here are a couple of close-ups of my seedlings, and their progress.
The ones that look a little furry are tomatoes, the straight-skinny leaves are garlic, and there are a lot of carrots in this picture too.
More carrots, basil, cucumber, and melon here.
Mostly marigolds in this picture.

I had removed all of the seed starting pellets that didn't sprout and put them in another lidded container, meaning to plant something else in those eventually.  However, to my surprise, some plants were just late bloomers, and now I have no idea what those plants are.  I guess time will tell.  =)

I found out that I passed the last test that I needed to get my full Kansas teaching credential... Yippee!!  My husband, knowing by now that all I think about is gardening and plants, bought me new gardening shoes! 
Super cute, very comfy, easy to rinse off if I get stuff on them... Although I swore I would NEVER own crocs, I am loving my gardening shoes!

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