Apr 27, 2011


Did you know there is a facebook page for people who love broccoli?  No, I'm not a member of that group. Are you?  I LIKE broccoli, and simply wanted to grow some to see what it was like in plant form.  Lately, my broccoli has grown up.  Wanna see?
Whoa there, broccoli.  Doesn't it look kinda weird? In case you were wondering... And I know all of you 6 (okay 3!!) readers want to know...  The broccoli that you eat is a bud that hasn't flowered yet.  If you let the broccoli mature too long, it will actually bloom tiny yellow flowers.  (Which are also supposed to be edible.) Well, my broccoli has continued to spread and I was starting to see blooming signs, so I decided to harvest some broccoli!
The variety that I have is supposed to be heat tolerant, and will continue to produce small side shoots.  Now, my friends, a word about fresh broccoli.  It looks so unreal and kinda fluorescent GREEN!  It doesn't look perfect like the stuff you buy in the store.  And I'm okay with that.  =)
I should really think about my pictures before I take them.  If I was a different kind of person, I would probably have put this on a plate and tried to make it look very beautiful.  BUT I'M NOT!!!  I'm me, and that is practical and nerdy.  So, I put the broccoli straight into the strainer, and gave it a quick wash. I'll ask you to use your imaginations and pretend that it is staged properly.  =)

Now let me talk about my favorite part... The TASTE of fresh broccoli!!!  It was a little more earthy and flavorful than grocery store broccoli.  Also, the stalks!!  The stalks are normally a little tough and flavorless, but my broccoli reminded me a little of celery in texture.  Don't get me wrong, it didn't TASTE like celery, but it was cool and crisp, and well... wonderful. 

Fresh broccoli, my friends,  is a revelation.  =)  To close today, here is a recent picture of my garden.  My lettuce is loving this cool, rainy weather. 


  1. That red leaf looks beautiful-my fave! and is that butter bib? Nice job greenie! And yes the broccoli looks a little like broccolini-glad it was delicious.

  2. Wow, things are really popping up! Looking good. I only kind of like broccoli, but your description had me intrigued and excited. Glad you are getting to enjoy the fruits of your labor already :)