Apr 7, 2011

Progress Report

Woo hoo!!  My first daffodil bloomed.  The tulips, not to be shown up by the daffodils, will soon make an appearance.  (In my imaginary flower world, tulips are very high class, and the daffodils are... Well, they are like me.  They blunder in, wave happily, and are goofy.  Wait... You don't have an imaginary flower world?  Oh.  Please disregard the offending sentences.)  =)  Meanwhile, I thought you all might like to see how my garden is growing.  Just don't call me Mary, Mary quite contrary. 
Here is the older picture of my plants, without the sun box, from a previous post. 
Here is the newest picture of my plants.  They aren't growing as quickly as I thought they would, but they ARE growing.  Some of the lettuce is already bigger, and I have to admit that I cut off two leaves to taste.  Guess what?  They taste like lettuce.  =)  To help my plants and give them a little boost, I decided to water with a little diluted compost tea from my worm farm.
 If you are curious, here is what compost tea looks like, before I diluted it with water.  It requires no work from me, my worms do all the dirty work.  (Pun intended.)  So, I mixed this with water, and we will see what effect it has on my plants!  I am definitely trying to keep this garden organic, so I will try to avoid commercial fertilizer.  

In other plant related news, my broccoli experiment is still inconclusive.  The plant that was left out of the sun box is still alive, but seems to be a little more stressed than the other broccoli plants.
If you will notice above, the leaves are pretty small, and one of them still looks a little purple. 
Above is a plant that was covered.  There is not a huge difference, but this plant seems to be a bit bigger and has more leaves.  I will keep watering the plants with the diluted compost tea for a while, and hope to give them a boost.  

For those of you that are curious, I will have an entire post on my worm farm/composting someday soon.  You will be shocked and amazed, and I hope some of you might even consider having one too!  


  1. You CRACK ME UP!! I can hardly wait for the worm farm post! Can Ben and I come visit the worms?

  2. OMGoodness, your blog gives me my daily(ish) dose of chuckling. 'Imaginary flower world' and 'dirty work'...tooooooo much hahahaha ;) Loving that your daffodils and veggies are growing strong!

  3. I love your daffodil - she is beautiful and a little goofy!! I also have an imaginary flower world where daisies are the cute little country girl who never realizes she doesn't belong at the club. I LOVE DAISIES! : )