Apr 11, 2011

Veggie Talks

I heard talking to your plants helps them grow.  So, don't mind me as I continue to try any and every thing I can to get some edible produce.

Hello, broccoli?  I have been waiting for you to show your beautiful face. 
There you are, just starting to peek out.  I can't wait to mix you with some tomatoes and chickpeas for a yummy salad.  You will like it!  So keep growing, broccoli.

Oh lettuce, I haven't forgotten about you!  My, how you have grown.
Dear, sweet, tender lettuce.  I am going to pick some of your tasty leaves to put on our burgers. First, though, I have to take a picture of my garden to document the slow changes.

This is a happy milestone in my garden adventures.  Instead of buying (and eventually wasting) lettuce for burgers, I was able to pick just enough for our two-person weekend meal.  Please note, that tomato is not out of my garden.  =)  But someday, it will be! 

1 comment:

  1. How exciting! How was your lettuce? It looks delicious. Has talking to your veggies helped?