Jul 27, 2011


I thought I would share with you all a couple of blossom pics I recently took.  (If any of you watched the TV show in the early 90's, didn't you really want a best friend with a cool name like Six?  Anyway, I digress, as usual.)

Squash blossom's look like this:

They are orange-yellow in color, but the variety is green zucchini squash.  Here is an open one...

These lovelies are supposed to be edible too.  I've heard of battering and frying them, and really, what doesn't taste good fried?  (Hello, funnel cakes!)

Here's a picture of my tomato blossoms:

Tiny and yellow.  Again, I am baffled by the color.  I don't have an eggplant picture yet, but they do bloom in a light purple.  Finally, my tree has blossomed...

Into this lovely flower. 

 Bahahaha!  Just checking to see that you are all awake and have a pulse! 

Finally, for those of you who can't help yourself, or might need a little pick me up with a laugh at early 90's fashion, the Blossom opening theme music is here for your watching pleasure.

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