Jul 20, 2011

Sweltering Squares

Square foot gardening is amazing.  You get to grow all kinds of plants in a very small space.  This, in turn, makes it easy to deal with sweltering heat.  You don't have to water a lot, and weeding those small squares doesn't take a lot of time.  Square foot gardening: Give it a try!  (Note: No one is paying me to say this, I have gone temporarily crazy in the heat.) 

For those interested, here is the other garden bed's progress!!

The Thai peppers are growing away.  We have picked some and used them to make salsa.  Any other ideas... Let me know!! 

The cauliflower has made a comeback after being plagued by pests.  Still no actual sign of cauliflower, but I am holding on to hope. =)  Check out my eggplant!

So cute. For your information, eggplant flowers in a light purple.  Which makes sense!  However, tomatoes flower in yellow and squash is an orangey yellow.  Can anyone explain that?  Speaking of tomatoes...

First sign of plum tomatoes!  Also...

The grape tomatoes are growing like crazy!  The beefsteak has yet to show signs of fruit, but I have seen some blooms.  Apparently, this is a common problem right now with all of the heat.

Look closely above, and you will see my baby cucumber!  So cute!!  In short, a wall of green is currently taking off and taking over the trellis.  Here are a few pics of the whole garden bed. 

It is so nice to see some progress for all of the work, sweat, and tears I have poured into the garden.  I hope my garden and I are able to survive the heat wave.  Stay cool!

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