Jul 8, 2011

Dear Garden

Dear Garden,

It's only been a week, and I miss you already.  I wonder how you are growing without me to obsess over you daily.  Is that even possible?  My wonderful husband says in this short time you have already started to show some tiny zucchini.  You were just a glimmer in my eye a week ago!!  I can't wait to get home and look for myself.  I'm so sorry if you feel neglected.  I hope all of you plants are growing the best that you can.  You provide me with much needed sanity, even when you drive me crazy.  I promise to come home just as soon as I possibly can. Please don't die to get back at me for leaving you. 




  1. I think all those plants are aware you left them in capable hands. I drove by the other night with the window down and Brian was out singing next to the garden??? Perhaps a coincidence?

  2. Aaahhh, you wuv your garden ;)