Jul 31, 2011

Put a stake in it!!

No, I'm not talking about vampires.  Although I could, just probably not on this blog. =)  Speaking of vampires, this ridiculous heat is sucking the life right out of my plants. 

I'm having an issue with my zucchini plant.  Looks okay, right?

However, any signs of fruit I have seen are withering away before they have a chance to develop.  From my research, it seems like my soil is too full of nitrogen.  Stupid nitrogen, or stupid heat, either way, no edible zucchini.

I have seen a cucumber...

However, it is misshapen.  I have no idea why, but I am also blaming the heat.  Finally, my green beans have burned up with little to no actual production.  I tried bush beans this year, so I think next year I'll give pole beans a shot.

Sad.  I am watering every other day, and some plants are doing okay.  Still no sign of beefsteak tomatoes.  I am hoping that when this heat cools off my plants will start producing like crazy.

My eggplant is starting to lean a little too much under the weight of the little beauty, so I decided to put a stake in it.  Don't worry, unlike vampires, the stake won't kill it.  You do have to be careful when inserting the stake; Make sure the plant doesn't move in order to make sure you aren't damaging the roots.

You can now see the dark green bamboo stake and that the plant is standing up straight a little better.  I used some plant clips to help keep it upright.

Hopefully soon I'll be up to my ears in produce! 


  1. I was just going to write and ask if the state of my flowers was the heat or my neighbors fault and now I know. I will join you in a rain dance and pray we are both enjoying your bounty soon!

  2. In the brutal Kansas heat, I want to curl up and hide, just like that poor cucumber.